New Zealand to Chile and beyond...

Derek Paterson is one of New Zealand’s leading landscape and panorama photographers. His images can be found in collections from Switzerland to Canada, Australia to New Zealand and now in Chile. They can also be found in New Zealand Embassies around the world.

It has been an interesting journey getting to this point. Derek has worked on newspapers and magazines, radio and television, he has taught English as a foreign language, been part of a small crew creating marine documentaries (they achieved the world’s first underwater, open sea footage of Orca, killer whales), founded and published his own magazine (still going, 20 years on) and written and/or edited and published three books.

While New Zealand will always be home, he has travelled widely, living for extended periods in Europe and North America, Asia and Australia and now in Chile, perhaps the ultimate destination for his panorama camera.

Self-taught as a photographer, he began by illustrating his own freelance writing. Two years as editor of a photography magazine created a steep learning curve and he then quickly became New Zealand’s leading ski photographer. Increasingly drawn to the world’s wilder places, Derek finally realised that to satisfy his vision, to create the images he wanted, a dedicated panorama camera was necessary.

There is no stitching and heavy manipulation of digital images. The image is either there, painstakingly captured on that piece of film, or it isn’t. It cannot be “created”. There is nothing wrong with digital manipulation but it is a different form of image creation.

Which is not to say Derek never uses digital. He does of necessity – it is a little difficult sneaking up on wildlife with a wide-angle lens. There is also available a selection of smaller, digitally captured images.


  • Linhof Technorama 617S with Schneider Super-Angulon 5.6/90 lens.

  • Fuji film – always Fuji (it’s a long story but it is the best).

  • Nikon D300 plus range of lenses.


Cerro La Campana, Chile


Searching new landscapes