We have done our best to accurately portray the images on our screen but what you see on your screen may be different. And any image a metre wide is going to be a lot more impressive than anything on a computer screen. If you’re not happy or the image is damaged in transit, get in touch and we’ll give you details for sending it back for a full refund or replacement.

This is what you do: Browse the galleries then select the image(s) – no harm hoping you’ll want more than one, an artist’s privilege, perhaps – and send an email or phone Derek using the contact page. We can then have a chat about any special requirements and sizes.


Prices quoted are US dollars – they are still the international reference – but you can pay in NZ dollars or Chilean pesos. When you get in touch, we’ll give you our bank details. This really is the safest and simplest method – direct credit from your bank account into ours and you have an immediate record of the transaction. There’s no danger of stolen credit cards or lost cheques and it’s easiest for you, just a few mouse clicks.

Once you’ve made the transfer, let us know and when it pops up in our account, we’ll get the print ready. It may take a week or two. We’re a small business, we don’t do instant gratification – this is art, not a can of beans. The best things take a little time and while we’d love to have prints on hand (and some we do), it’s hard to build up an extensive collection of prints ready for shipping. And besides, Derek could be away on location, shooting new images.


Buying photographic prints from a computer image can be a chancy business, even when they are Limited Edition Prints. We endeavour to show realistic representations of the final image but every computer screen is different and any image a metre wide is going to be a lot more impressive than something on a screen only a few pixels wide.

So we offer a money back guarantee – no questions asked. Well, actually we will ask – we’re curious to know why you changed your mind – but you don’t have to say anything. Send us an email using the contact page and we’ll let you know how to send it back. When we have it back here in pristine condition, we’ll refund your money.

Free Shipping Worldwide

Derek Paterson’s stunning Limited Edition Prints are shipped free around the world. They can be found in collections from Switzerland to Canada, Australia to New Zealand and now in Chile.

They can also be found in New Zealand Embassies around the world.